As the first concrete step in IDEAL project, we conducted a context and needs analysis to find out more about the needs and challenges of our target groups.

This final context and needs analysis report is available for downloading through the link below. The report is based on online survey executed in all six participating countries in February-March 2016. In total 174 adult education teachers and 337 students from Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, and Norway took part in the survey.

During the project planning in early 2015, we already conducted a preparatory online survey which was used as a basis for this more extensive survey. The project team conducted two online surveys: one which was targeted to our direct target group, teachers and trainers of low skilled adult learners, and another survey which was targeted to our indirect target group, low skilled adult learners themselves.

The analysis of the survey focuses on the needs of both teachers/trainers and adult learners in the context of digital learning environment. This results report has been used as background information for other intellectual outputs in the project. The results feed into the planning of the good practice guidelines, video tutorials as well as the two learning workshops in Finland (October 2016) and in Italy (May 2017).

Download the full survey report

Full survey report (pdf)


Survey questionnaire for teachers (pdf)

Survey questionnaire for students (pdf)

Results for all teachers (ppt)

Results for all students (ppt)

Belgium results for teachers (ppt) - in Dutch

Belgium results for students (ppt) - in Dutch

Finland results for teachers (ppt) - in Finnish

Finland results for students (ppt) - in Finnish

Ireland results for teachers (ppt)

Ireland results for students (ppt)

Italy results for teachers (ppt) - in Italian

Italy results for students (ppt) - in Italian

Netherlands results for teachers (ppt) - in Dutch

Netherlands results for students (ppt) - in Dutch

Norway results for teachers (ppt) - in Norwegian

Norway results for students (ppt) - in Norwegian