IDEAL workshop in Rome

In May 2017, 4 Belgian adult education teachers participated in the 2nd IDEAL workshop together with teachers from Finland, Italy, Ireland, Norway and the Netherlands. Place to be: Rome! They didn't only participate in several workshops concerning digital literacy, they also gave one themselves on the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and accessibility in education. Curious to know what these 4 teachers have to say about this workshop? Here are their thoughts:

"UDL is important. Many schools in different countries start to implement it on a large scale. At CVO Antwerpen we have a lot of online material in our LMS Moodle where UDL can be applied to get to a more uniform quality of online materials. At the IDEAL meeting in Rome we could compare a lot of best practices in nearby schools where these practices are already in place and learn about how other partners work with video content, digital assessment and more."


"The workshop in Rome was exactly how an Erasmus project should be. We had different people from different countries. Belgium, Finland, Italy, Norway, The Netherlands and Scotland. All the groups focused on a different subject. For example, Finland focused on digital tools in the classroom and Italy focused on work orientation for adult learners. It’s a smart way of dividing topics about new developments in education and sharing it. It was really about sharing knowledge, not only about the projects, but also in informal conversations with international colleagues during the breaks and after the workshops. Every project makes me feel more connected with international colleagues and makes me feel a European citizen more and more. Sharing knowledge, is multiplying knowledge!"


"It was a funny week in Rome, and according the temperature last week in Belgium, we took the sun with us. But now seriously about the use of digital tools, next year I will try out a lot of new tools. For sure I'll make my courses beter according the principles of UDL. Looking forward to it."


"Thanks to my first IDEAL-workshop in Finland, I was very excited to participate again in the IDEAL-workshop in Rome together with 4 colleagues of CVO Antwerpen.

We improved our digital skills and we explored some new tools to make short videos with integrated questions. We learned a lot about accessibility and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and we discovered Lego as a serious game method.

I understand now how important it is as a teacher AND as a student to be digital literate in our society. You cannot imagine the enthousiasm of students (and teachers!) when using all these digital tools.

So why wait? Just try it in your classroom! Good luck!"


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