Repetion is the key!

There is no doubt that second language learning needs repetition. The classroom activities do not give them enough repetition to internalize the words. The students have to repeat them over and over. Digital platforms such as an iPad, have made it possible for the students to repeat and work with words and sentences hour after hour; on the bus on their way home from school or in the couch in their living room.

At Arendal Voksenopplaering, our students who don’t have any school background have the possibility to borrow an iPad so they can use it in class and at home. This enables them to repeat the content of the classes in a way that makes it easier for them to actually learn something. Yes, iPad are expensive, but our experience has proven to us that it is an important and fruitful investment. When people who can`t read or write in their mother tongue has access to an iPad, they learn faster than they do with more traditional methods. We believe it is because of the easy access to repetition. Access to pictures and sounds at home is the way to go.

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