Making an Ideal movie

Tuesday morning 09.00 o’clock. The cameraman is not here yet so we have some time to practise and prepare. Excitement mounts. There he is; a good-looking guy with an even better looking, enormous camera. Tension rises even further. But let’s get going. All the props are there. It’s showtime for the actors (us students). Doing the shoot is actually great fun. Like real professionals we do our thing again and again. Others take pictures with their phones. Let’s also make a selfie with that nice cameraman. Progress is slow but certain and everyone keeps cooperating fully. Great, enthusiastic atmosphere. And then finally: ‘that’s a wrap, ladies and gentlemen. Well done, everyone!’

The next meeting someone brings cake, spontaneously. The cameraman has done his job and together we can have a look at a rough version of the video. Everyone is really proud. Some want to show their own movie on their smart phone. Pictures taken earlier and blended into a short film with minimovie. Great fun. That’s really using digital skills in adult learning. Everyone’s in a really good mood, either because of the cake or the movies (or both).

Making the video together has led to something much more important. During the shoot it was not about the IDEAL-project or making a promo for Yammer. The group has become united even more. People got closer and understand each other better. The ‘director’ needed the students to make an IDEAL video but the real added value was that they learned how to work together as a group. How about that for a win-win situation!

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