IDEAL workshop in Finland, a review from Belgian teachers

5 Belgian teachers participated in the IDEAL workshop in Finland (October 2016). Here are some of their impressions:

Thanks to the IDEAL-workshop in Finland resistance to use digital tools in my classroom changed to a desire to explore the digital world. I no longer look for excuses not to use it, but instead I have the attitude "I'll try it". So thanks to the IDEAL workshop I'm no longer a Kahoot or Padlet or ... virgin :-) In fact, I already made this Padlet together with the students taking the course 'maritime techniques' (17 years). They went sailing and I used Padlet to share their experiences with each other.

Sofie Van Britsom, teacher maritime training

On our first day in Helsinki, the Finnish teachers asked each country to make a movie about our activities, workshops and our Finnish experiences during 1 week. We learned quickly how to use iMovie. iMovie is an easy app to make self-made movies based on photo’s and video’s made with an iPad. We (the Belgian team) decided to go crazy and we made a selection of funny faces and funny situations. On the 4th day it was time to show the movies to each other. After voting, the oscar went to Belgium!! I hope you enjoy our winning movie.

Iris Stevens, teacher Dutch as a second language

And finally, Hilde Quaghebeur (teacher maritime training) made this Padlet to share with you how she experienced the IDEAL workshop in Finland:

Conclusion: great week with great people and great workshops! We already look forward to the next IDEAL workshop. In the meantime we keep experimenting with ICT in our classrooms!

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