Digitalization of learning: threat or opportunity?

While digitalization can be exciting for some people, it can equally be a source of anxiety for many others. This fear towards the unknown is an issue that we in the IDEAL project want to tackle by showing simple, concrete ways to integrate digital tools into teaching.

Luksia, Western Uusimaa Municipal Education and Training Consortium in Finland is one of the six partners of the IDEAL project, and also our management and teachers are experimenting with new tools and preparing for changes in the learning environments. In fact, one of the suggested actions for our future organizational strategy is to "capitalize opportunities of digitalization in entire Luksia".

The first opportunity for Finnish adult educators to learn more with the help of the IDEAL project is in October 2016 when we will organize our first project dissemination seminar in Helsinki. The seminar keynote speaker will be Mr. Russell Stannard, award-winning educational technologist who hosts a popular website

When browsing through Russell's video clips for teachers, I noticed one on creating great websites by using Wix. It might have been useful to watch that clip before starting to make this website with that very same platform. Although also the combination of the intuitiveness of Wix, trial & error and Google seemed to work as well, learning from others and peer-support were key recommendations arising from the baseline survey done in the IDEAL project. This survey gathers together the views of in total 174 adult education teachers and 337 students from six European countries. Also the survey results will be presented in the seminar in Helsinki, followed by practical, hands-on workshops led by our IDEAL project partners.

Are you willing to test your preconceptions about the digitalization of learning? Join our very first IDEAL seminar in October!

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