One out of four adults in Europe lack the necessary digital skills. Literacy skills impact not only people’s personal opportunities in education, employment and community, but also the society and economy at large. We wanted to address this issue through our project IDEAL - Integrating Digital Education in Adult Literacy.


IDEAL project focuses on improving the digital skills of adult education teachers and trainers who work with disadvantaged groups and low skilled adult learners. This Erasmus+ strategic partnership project has six participating countries: Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands and Norway, and runs from September 2015 until September 2017.

  • Provide guidance and training for adult educators across Europe on how to use ICT tools and digital methods to deliver basic skills education

  • Explore what kind of skills are needed in different contexts

  • Develop teachers’ competencies by sharing knowledge, experiences and good practices

  • Share materials and teaching activities for teachers through online toolkit, workshops and seminars

  • Create an active European network of adult education teachers and trainers

  • Teachers and trainers will have increased understanding of digital teaching methodologies

  • Teachers across Europe will be better equipped and more confident to use innovative ICT methods in their everyday teaching context

  • Teachers will have access to quick and easy video guides on how to teach literacy and numeracy using ICT

  • Participants will have increased their knowledge, understanding and skills in using ICT including multimedia applications, the use of video, virtual learning environments (eg. Moodle)


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Project summary